NISHIO Japanese Green Tea brewing technique
Brewing the great NISHIO’s Tea.

Technique:                            Infusion method is always depends on your strength of taste or likeliness. Highly recommended do not use any tools to stir the tea while infusing. NISHIO Matcha, whisk thoroughly using NISHIO Chasen with a quick ZIG ZAG motion until you see bubbly foam, duration is about 30sec — 1min. NISHIO Sweetened Matcha is mixable to most kind of beverage like example Matcha yogurt Blend. You can find it more in the World Wide Web or give us a call to request some recipes.  

Water Temperature:       Vital for brewing, the temperature which is too high will directly harm or spoil the substance, taste and aroma. Water temperature will directly affect the taste.

Note: NISHIO Premier Grade Tealeaf are highly sensitive towards the high temperature water, See below for our recommended water temperature for brewing the best taste of NISHIO Japanese Green Tea .


                            NISHIO Sencha:
                            - Water temp - 70 ~ 80 ºc

                            NISHIO Houjicha / Genmaicha:
                            - Water Temp - 80 ~ 90 ºc

                            NISHIO Matcha:
                            - Water Temp - 50 ~ 60 ºc

                            NISHIO New Season’s Tea / Gyokuro:             
                            - Water Temp - 40 ~ 50 ºc

                            NISHIO Sweetened Matcha:
                            - Water Temp - 60 ~ 70 ºc

Storage: Tea dislikes moisture, heat, odors, and direct sunlight. We recommend you to use the re-sealable NISHIO packets or, if you prefer any air tight container. Store NISHIO Japanese Green Tea in a cool, dry and dark cupboard away from heat of electrical appliances.

Recommended tools for brewing NISHIO Japanese Green Tea: Japanese Tea Pot, Tea Strainer and Japanese Tea Ceremony  Set.

Measurement:                    Typically approximately one teaspoon of tealeaf to one cup or a small pot of water but some teas have a larger leaf size exp. (NISHIO Houjicha) has to additional one teaspoon. NISHIO Gyokuro and NISHIO Shincha suggested to use less water then the above because of its unique flavor. Whereas NISHIO Matcha using about 1 or 2 Chasyaku / Tea scoop for approximately 150ml. The simple NISHIO Sweetened Matcha is only 2 to 3 teaspoon for a cup of fabulous cold drink refreshing the summer day.

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