A soothing and calming tea made from the spring's first flush leaves and tender leaf stems, its stems fractions produced from picking the finest quality of NISHIO Sencha. NISHIO Kukicha is a Japanese twig tea consisted of deep-steamed Sencha leaves and thin white stem twigs. This longer steaming process result more intense flavor and a deep emerald color and a sweet infusion with herbal overtones, a hint of chestnut aftertaste.

NISHIO Japanese Green Tea


NISHIO Kukicha Gyokuro Stem 100g                  Code: 7005

(Produced from the tealeaf stems of NISHIO Gyoluro)

NISHIO Kukicha Premier Grade Stem 100g    Code: 7003

(Produced from the tealeaf stems of NISHIO New Season’s Tea)

NISHIO Kukicha High Grade Stem 100g                         Code: 7002

(Produced from the tealeaf stem of NISHIO High Grade Sencha)

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