‘NISHIO HOUJICHA’           

The Roasted green tea produces a unique toasty aroma. The best and carefully processed NISHIO Houjicha with a mellow and nutty-earthly taste. This roasting process lowers its caffeine content and is a wonderful alternative to our un-concentrates caffeine choices. It is an excellent consumption at nighttime for those who are low tolerant toward caffeine.

NISHIO Japanese Green Tea

The producing of NISHIO Houjicha

NISHIO Houjicha produced using tea leaves twigs mixed with NISHIO NG Sencha for a higher temperature steaming process as at the max of 60 degree c.


NISHIO Houjicha High Grade Roasted Tealeaf 100g                           Code: 2002
              (This tasteful roasted tea acclaimed Japanese No.1 Houjicha)

NISHIO Houjicha HG Teabags (24 x 1.5g) (teacup)                 Code: 2001
           (Produced from left out smaller sizes of tealeaves from Houjicha  High Grade tealeaf, packed into teabags for convenience purpose, hassle free for a cup of tea)

NISHIO Houjicha HG Teabags (24 x 8.0g) (teapot)                  Code: 2006
           (Produced from left out smaller sizes of tealeaves from Houjicha High Grade tealeaf, packed into large teabags that contains 8gm leaves for convenience of making a large teapot )

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