The finest Japanese green tea leaves of the first harvesting, grounded into fine powder by a stone mill. NISHIO Matcha famous used in traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. It has a bright jade green color and an unexpected distinctive flavor with a desirable sweetness that not found in any other NISHIO teas. NISHIO Matcha, has a full beneficial compounds, as you are actually consuming the whole powdered green tea leaf.


The best refreshing beverage processed with an extraordinary recipe that added cane sugar. It’s exceptionally rejuvenates and fabulous cold drink refreshing the summer day.

NISHIO Japanese Green Tea

The producing of NISHIO Matcha

Generally, NISHIO Matcha is produced from Gyokuro tea leaves. When NISHIO Gyokuro tea leaves are fully produced it will be send for milling process to make the tea leaves into fine powder. Each grade of NISHIO Gyokuro will produce NISHIO Matcha grades accordingly.


NISHIO Daisennomori Matcha 30g        Code: 3008
(The highest grade of NISHIO Matcha, produced from the finest tealeaves of Gyokuro)

NISHIO Tokiwanoshiro Matcha 30g      Code: 3007
              (The 2
nd grade of Pure Matcha)

NISHIO Hatumukashi Matcha 30g         Code: 3006
              (The 3
rd grade of Pure Matcha)


NISHIO Kaorinoshiro Matcha 30g          Code: 3005
              (The 4
th grade of Pure Matcha)

NISHIO Pure High Grade Matcha 30g   Code: 3003
              (The lowest grade of Pure Matcha)


NISHIO Sweetened Matcha  200g                        Code: 3001
              (Used the lowest grade of Gyokuro tea leaves, mill into fine powder and          added with cane sugar.

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