The most popular Green Tea in Japan, this elegant first grade NISHIO Sencha, produces fragrant, superior flavor with little astringent. A refreshing beverage with a very grassy aroma and sweet tasting. NISHIO Sencha, dried with warm air and rolled into needle-shape pieces with a shiny and polished appearance.

NISHIO Japanese Green Tea

The Processing of Sencha

· Collect Tea Leaves from Camelia Sinesis Plant at the second harvest from May - August

· Drying Process by Hot Air

· Cutting Tea leaves into needle shape by cutting machine, long time ago leaves are using hands to rolls into needle shape. A special separation of twig, stem and leaves are done from this process. All the stems are used to produce NISHIO HG Kukicha and larger twigs are used for NISHIO Houjicha production.

· Weight and Size separation – Low weight Tea Leaves will not be using anymore and dust / small leaves will be used to produce NISHIO NG Konacha.

· High weight and actual size tea leaves will be transfer to Color Separation Machine to separate from darkness to lightness of tea leaves colors – The darkest color of tea leaves will be the highest grade of it will be NISHIO PG Sencha, follows by NISHIO HG Sencha and NISHIO NG Sencha.

· After the color separation, Tea leaves will be transfer for steaming process .

· Steaming Process at the max of 45 degree c.


NISHIO Sencha Premier Grade Tealeaf 100g                            Code: 1005

(Produced from the finest tealeaves of Second Harvest Season, leaves color are darker and smaller size compared with others NISHIO Sencha Tealeaf grades )

NISHIO Sencha High Grade Tealeaf 100g                       Code: 1002

(Leaves are slightly lighter and bigger sizes than Sencha Premier Grade,  suitable for Japanese Green Tea lovers that preferable of better class of Green Tea with lower prices)

NISHIO Sencha Normal Grade Tealeaf 100g                 Code: 1003

(Produced from the tealeaves of Third Harvest Season, leaves color are lighter and sizes are larger, it’s your choice of Japanese Green Tea for the whole family on daily large amount consuming)


NISHIO Sencha HG Teabags (24 x 1.5g) (teacup)                     Code: 1001

(Produced from left out smaller sizes of tealeaves from Sencha High Grade & Normal Grade, packed into teabags for convenience purpose, hassle free for a cup of tea)

NISHIO Sencha HG Teabags (15 x 8.0g) (teapot)                     Code:1006

(Produced from left out smaller sizes of tealeaves from Sencha High Grade & Normal Grade, packed into large teabags that contains 8gm leaves for convenience of making a large teapot )

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