ĎNISHIO NSTí - New Seasonís Tea† ( Shincha )

An exclusive tea produced from the first round of young spring leaves and grown shaded before harvest. Sweeter, less astringent taste than regular. NISHIO Shincha, it has a very emerald green color. The best tea offers a range of balanced flavors and aromas, including fresh-tasting green notes.

NISHIO Japanese Green Tea

The Processing of New Seasonís Tea

 Collect Tea Leaves from Camelia Sinesis Plant at the First Harvesting Season from April to May

 Drying Process by Hot Air†

 Cutting Tea leaves into needle shape by cutting machine. A special separation of stems and leaves are done from this process. All the stems are† used to produce NISHIO PG Kukicha.

 Weight and Size separation Ė Low weight tea leaves will not be using anymore and dust / small tea leaves will be used to produce NISHIO HG Konacha

 High weight and actual size tea leaves will be transfer to Color Separation Machine to separate from darkness to lightness of tea leaves colors Ė The darkest color of tea leaves will be the highest grade of the New Seasonís Tea each year it will be NISHIO Hatuwakaba follows by NISHIO Kousetu, NISHIO Seikou, NISHIO Hekuin, and the lightest will be NISHIO Kanbai.

 After the color separation, Tea leaves will be transfer for steaming process

 Steaming Process at the max of 45 degree c. (New Seasonís Tea)

 New Season Teaís Tea of the year will be ready for packaging after blown with cool air.


NISHIO Hatuwakaba 100g††† ††††††††††††† Code: 1011
††††† (Produced from the finest tealeaves of the
††††† First Harvest Season, the best of New Season Tea)†

NISHIO Kousetu 100g†††††††††††† ††††††††††††† Code: 1010
††††† (The 2
nd best fine† grad e of New Seasonís Tea)

NISHIO Seikou 100g††† ††††††††††††† Code: 1009†††
††††† (The 3
rd grade of New Seasonís Tea)



NISHIO Hekiun 100g†† ††††††††††††† Code: 1008
††††† (The 4
th grade of New Seasonís Tea, produced
††††† the most in every years)

NISHIO Kanbai 100g†† ††††††††††††† Code: 1007
††††† (This is the lowest grade of New Season Tea,
††††† but tastes great and with an affordable price)

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