With a mellow sweetness that softens the heart, NISHIO Gyokuro ‘Jade Dew’ is the very best of Japan's green teas. Before harvesting, the tea bushes are shaded with an extended period. The result is a very refined tea with dark green leaves, a sweet, mild flavor and fresh, flowery-green aroma. Produced only in mid-May as quantities permit, this spring harvest contains only tender, dark green leaf tips and has a sweet flavor with a fruity aftertaste.

NISHIO Japanese Green Tea

The processing of NISHIO Gyokuro


· Collect the youngest Tea Leaves from Camelia Sinesis Plant (These plant are under shaded by sun light before the first harvest season)  


· Drying Process by Hot Air


· Cutting Tea leaves into needle shape by cutting machine. A special separation of stems and leaves are done from this process. All the stems are used to produce NISHIO Gyokuro Kukicha.


· Weight and Size separation – Low weight Tea Leaves will not be using anymore


· High weight and actual size tea leaves will be transfer to Color Separation Machine to separate from darkness to lightness of tea leaves colors – The darkest color of tea leaves will be the highest grade of the Gyokuro each year.


· After the color separation process, each grade of Gyokuro will be transfer for steaming process


· Steaming Process at the max of 45 degree c. (Gyokuro)


· After the steaming process, NISHIO Gyokuro of the year will be transfer for packaging and transfer some amount of Tea Leaves for the producing of NISHIO Matcha.



NISHIO Gyokuro (Exclusive) 50g                           Code: 6007

             (The best 1st class Gyokuro ‘Jade dew’ even and the

             most expensive tea in Japan, limitation of quantities)


NISHIO Souheki Gyokuro 50g                    Code: 6006

             (The 2nd best fine grade produced)


NISHIO Hekihou Gyokuro 50g Code: 6005

(The 3rd grade and the best selling Gyokuro in Japan

& Malaysia)





NISHIO Zuihou Gyokuro 50g                      Code: 6003

             (The 4th grade)



NISHIO Meikou Gyokuro 50g                    Code: 6002

             (The 5th grade)



NISHIO Hekisui Gyokuro  50g Code: 6001

(The lowest grade of Gyokuro of the year)

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