Brand History.

NISHIO – A name that in Japanese evoke the family name of the
founder and a great Japanese Green Tea brand in Japan.


Since 1854 – Brand founder develop NISHIOMEIKOUEN product which gradually won nationwide acclaim. NISHIOMEIKOUEN business operations and tea processing are fully run by Nishio Family until today. From four generation of tea refinement experience in processing Green tea in Japan has been selling Japanese Green Tea with exquisite aroma taste and has won a number of awards and certificates of excellent.


NISHIOMEIKOUEN is well known in Japan as one of the best processed qualities Japanese green tea by Nishio family and the making of NISHIO Houjicha claimed number 1 of quality and taste in Japan.


Year 1997 - NISHIOMEIKOUEN Malaysia established. The beginning stage of NISHIOMEIKOUEN Malaysia is only concentrate at supplying premier grade Japanese Green Tea to café, Japanese restaurants and fine dining restaurants.


Year 2003 - NISHIOMEIKOUEN Japan & Malaysia have combined into retailing market. Succeed to come out with a Brand name called NISHIO Japanese Green Tea since 1854. At that period, we have participate several International Trade Shows, Promotion booths, Temporary kiosks and exhibitions.


Year 2004 - NISHIO Japanese Green Tea Malaysia established the first permanent retail kiosk at Mid Valley City, Megamall, Kuala Lumpur and got a superb respond from end users. “Malaysia First Premier Qualities Japanese Green Tea Retailer” we claimed.


Year 2006 - NISHIO Malaysia expanded the second retail kiosk at Queensbay Shopping Mall, Penang, the northern part of Malaysia.


Year 2008 - Board meeting held in Malaysia between NISHIO Japan and Malaysia with an agreement of joint venture for developing NISHIO Japanese Green Tea since 1854 in to international market and creating new Business opportunity around the world.


Year 2009 - Nishio successfully expanded to Australia, major boost up of retailers.
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NISHIO Osaka Tea Shop

NISHIO Uji, Kyoto Tea Factory

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NISHIO Brand History

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